Adopt A Prop

Donations made to the  Adopt A Prop campaign go directly toward supporting the production costs of our shows. 

Adopting a Prop is a fun way to support the theater. You can see where your contribution is, right there on stage. Each show has a unique list of items available for adoption thruout the run of the production. 

Please e-mail General Manager Rochelle Barker your request to adopt a prop today.

All Adoptive Sponsors receive a tax letter and a serial numbered 

specialized adoption certificate.


Adopt a Prop for The Gifts of the Magi

Penny - $5
Theatrical pennies aren't cheap!


Hair Brush - $10
A bargain, in comparison to the penny.


Tragical Ball and Chain - $15


Comical Scraggly Christmas Tree - $15
No, please don't donate yours.


Romantical Oil Lamp - $15


Historical Sewing Paraphernalia - $15


Pivotal to the Plot Pocket Watch and Fob - $25
Be pivotal this holiday season.


Crucial to the Chronicle Hair Combs - $25


Huge Bundle of Presents - $50
What everybody wants!


Park Bench Built for Two - $50


Vintage Riveted Trash Can - $50


One of Twenty-Two Lights in Floating Casement Windows - $100 each
Make this special effect extra special.


Snow Falling from the Sky Above – So Pretty! - $150
Would it be Christmas without it?


Peddler Cart Full of Goodies - $250 each


Choreographed Rolling Lamp Post - $500 each
These lamp posts get around.


E-mail Rochelle Barker to adopt a prop today!

All sponsors receive a tax letter and adoption certificate from Theatrical Outfit.


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