Meet Joe Futral, Lighting Designer for "The Gifts of the Magi"

Posted on November 7, 2012

You may remember Joe Futral’s wonderful work from last season's production of Red. (Excuse us, last season's Suzi Award winner for Best Production of a Play: Red.) Joe is back with us at Theatrical Outfit for what is sure to be a beautiful (and Christmas-y) design for The Gifts of the Magi. We had an opportunity to ask him some questions about his work.

Thanks for chatting, Joe!



Nov. 29 - Dec. 23
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Tell us about yourself & your work outside of Theatrical Outfit:


I've worked with a lot of Atlanta based artists and performance companies—True Colors Theatre, Brooks and Company Dance, Blake Beckham and Lucky Penny recently with Threshold,  Horizon Theatre, Lee Harper. I also do production and lighting for other companies like Pilobolus, Jose Limon Dance, American Dance Festival. I just finished working for Hubbard Street Dance Chicago as an interim production manager while they did a search for a permanent replacement. I loveAtlantaand I love living here with my wife and miss my daughter like crazy, who's inNew York Citymaking a go of it herself. I love making art here and working with other artists who are based here as well. I can't imagine being happy anywhere else. I've tried. It didn't work!


What other shows have you done for Theatrical Outfit:


Last year was my debut with TO when I lit Suzi nominated Red. That was a wonderful experience for me. All the artists involved brought so much value to the table, I think it was one of those moments where the whole was greater than the sum of its parts.


Tell us about your vision for the show/design?


I want the work to enhance everyone's holidays as well as create some reflection on what is important and possible. When the audience leaves the performance I want to have added to who they are.


What has been the most challenging part of the process thus far?


Being inChicago for most of the meetings! I miss the face to face conversations and the spurring of each other on to be better artists that happens when everyone is in the same room wrestling with the work and what we want to do. But I don't think the process has suffered at all. Every time I hear Tommy or Heidi talk about the show, the set, the characters, I am always inspired. They always add to who I am as an artist. Plus we have plenty of time for more of that as the process continues to unfold.


What is your favorite holiday tradition?


Eating! Really. All my memories that stand out the most are enjoying meals (and the lounging before and after, too) with friends and family. I love that. My relationships are everything to me.



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Nov. 29 - Dec. 23
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