Meet Maclare "MC" Park, Props Designer of "Two Drink Minimum"

Posted on October 23, 2012

By Tracy Moore, Marketing Intern

We had an opportunity to chat with MC Park, the props designer for Two Drink Minimum. Check it out:


Tell us about yourself & your work outside of Theatrical Outfit.

I build props for shows all around Georgia, including the Horizon (Waffle Palace), Georgia Shakespeare Fest (Macbeth) and Georgia Ensemble Theater (Man Who Came to Dinner).

What other shows have you done for Theatrical Outfit?

Most of them, actually. My Name is Asher Lev, Red, Freud's Last Session, The Green Book and Traveling Black are the most recent.

Is the show very prop-heavy? What are some of your favorite pieces for this production?

It is less "prop-heavy" then "set dressing" heavy. There are very little built items in this show; most are found items rummaged from stock, thrift stores and loans from other theaters.

Working from a script based on real-life experiences, how involved or specific has the playwright been about the props design? Any specific anecdotes?

Mr. Balzer has been very helpful and has lent us several items that belonged to his family: you'll see on stage several afghans made by his mother, his Army cap and some depression glassware, for instance.

I visited the Balzers' lovely home, and was struck with the highly organized collection of family correspondence he has. Several of the letters the actors use on stage are actual photocopies of those letters. Considering that my own mail is in a shoebox under a radiator somewhere, I was impressed.

Are you collaborating with the puppet design as well? What design concepts are maintained within the two separate designs?

Nope, puppets and props barely intersected.

By Bill Balzer
Directed by Scott Warren

Oct. 24 - Nov. 18, 2012

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