The Fabulous Lipitones Chapter 3 by Bill Murphey (belated post from Feb 14)

Posted on February 27, 2013

I'm glad to report that our cast is now finally complete! Daniel Hilton has accepted the role of Bob, our Sikh tenor, and we're glad to have him.  You may have seen him in Fabrefaction's production of Stephen Sondheim's "Assassins." I haven't met him yet, but both Tom and Michael Monroe are raving about him.
I'm also really jazzed about working on a project with Isabel and Moriah Curley-Clay, who I understand will be doing sets and costumes for LIPITONES.  If you saw "Time Stands Still" or "The Waffle Palace" at the Horizon Theatre, you know what beautiful, detailed work they do. 
I've had my second vocal lesson with Michael.  He's arranging all the Barbershop songs you'll here, and so far we've worked on three of them.  I can't wait to put all four parts together and hear the result.
When I got cast, it was with the provision that I get in shape and lose weight. Now that we're getting close to rehearsal period, I've had to get cracking on that. My character owns a gym. I had to look that word up.  I found it means "Legalized voluntary torture chamber." The dictionary referenced Guantanamo Bay without the razor wire. After the first few days I could barely move, but I've paid the membership fee, so I feel I have to keep going. I've also had to rework my diet. Far more vegetables and fruits than my body is used to. Fewer fats and starches. Gone are my old favorites…mostly. I get to eat more often - but in smaller quantities. I'm not seeing the immediate results that promote dedication to the program yet, but I'll stick with it - I need the job. 
I'm off now to shoot an episode of the popular BET television show, "The Game."  I was fortunate enough to get two days on the final episode of the sixth season, and we're shooting tonight in Riverdale.  One of the perks of doing theatre, film and TV is the opportunity to work with people whose work you've enjoyed for years. Two of my favorite TV shows of all time are "St. Elsewhere" and "The West Wing," and I've gotten to meet and/or work with actors and creators of both of those shows.  This episode of "The Game" is being directed by Eric Laneuville, an actor on "St. Elsewhere" and before that, for you old-timers, "Room 222." He's directed lots of episodic TV since then, and I'm fired up to meet him, and hopefully have the time to ask him a few questions. Another guest actor is Richard Gant, who you've seen a thousand times - maybe most recently as Andre Braugher's father, Owen Thoreau, Sr., on "Men of a Certain Age."  I'm taking my LIPITONES flash cards with me - there's a lot of down time on a set and I may be there a long time.  I'll need something to keep me from hovering over the Craft Services table.  (That's where the snacks are.)  More soon...