The Fabulous Lipitones Chapter One by Bill Murphey

Posted on January 5, 2013

    Hi, I'm Bill Murphey.  I'm in the cast of the upcoming Theatrical Outfit production of The Fabulous Lipitones, and have been invited to keep an online production journal. The hope is that you'll get a better idea just how the finished product you'll see onstage in March and April, got there. I'll try to keep it entertaining, but if there are difficulties along the way I'll mention those, too. Because, frankly, that's the fun stuff, isn't it?
    If you've spent much time at the Outfit, you've probably seen me a time or two. I was first cast by director Joe Gfaller in The God Committee. Since then, I've been in The Chase, Driving Miss Daisy, A Lesson Before Dying, Around the World in 80 Days, A Confederacy of Dunces and, most recently, Two Drink Minimum.  The one thing those shows have in common is that I didn't sing in any of them. That's all about to change.  Last fall I had the privilege of directing Our Town for The Renaissance Project, and kept hearing, “I didn't know you direct!”  Since getting cast in this show, it's “I didn't know you sing!” Well... we're about to find out. I'm very grateful to director Justin Anderson and musical director Michael Monroe for taking this chance with me, and I look forward to getting started. There is much work to do.
    That's probably enough for now. I'll be back soon to get us all caught up on everything that's gone on so far – everything that I have knowledge of, anyway... I'm not kept in the loop on everything, of course. Though I think I should be. I hope your new year is off to a great start!