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Haden Rider

HADEN RIDER (Quasimodo) This is Haden’s first production with The Aurora/Theatrical Outfit and he could not be more excited to share the stage with such a talented cast and crew. Haden is Co-Founder/Director of the national award winning Play on Players children’s theatre in Gainesville, GA and a proud member of The Freddie G Fellowship. Haden holds a BA theatre degree and is an alumni of Brenau University- Gainesville Theatre Alliance ’14. Besides performing and directing, Haden is a self-employed vocal teacher/coach. Previous credits include: Jesus (Jesus Christ Superstar), Ethan Girard (The Full Monty), Mary Sunshine (Chicago), Jynx (Forever Plaid), and Link Larkin (Hairspray). Many thanks to the Aurora/Theatrical Outfit team, family, and amazing friends for all their love and support. Break legs, cast & crew- have fun out there. Enjoy the show!

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