Host Committee

The Host Committees are the Ambassadors of Theatrical Outfit.

Their goal is to enrich the experience of our patrons and artists by being knowledgeable and energetic advocates for our plays. Host Committees spread the word via parties and social media outreach.

Examples of Host Committee activities:


Play Readings
Meet and Greets with the Director, Cast and Design Teams
Dress Rehearsals
Pre-Show Cocktail Parties
Post-show Talk Backs
Field Trips
Facebook and Twitter Accounts
Ice Cream Socials
YOU decide! Host Committees create ways to spread the word!

To join a Host Committee Team, please email Denise Lawrence.


Many thanks to last Season's Host Committees


Elaine & Miles Alexander
Aaron Berger
Seth & Marci Cohen
Terri Cohen
Andrew Felier
Paul & Barbara Flexner
Audrey Galex
Susan Gibbs
Mark Goldman
Charlie & Anne Henn
Deva Hirsch
Eve Hoffman
Hank Kimmel
Tom McHaney
Sally Ann McKinsey & Drew Sisk
Heather Michael
Ned Morgans & Kate Guyton
Scott & Debra Pyron
Barbara & Isaiah Rosenblit
Miriam Saul
Jay & Liz Sullivan
Ronnie VanGelder
Ofra Yeglin


Ben & Allison Hill
Scott Murphy
David Spirt


Stephanie, Jeff & Betty Watkins
Debra Barnes-Homer
Whitney Brown 
Cheryl Cato
Deborah Champagne 
Cindy Evans
Lonnie Gray
David Greer
Danielle Hegedus 
Wendell Johnson 
Keith Jones
Al Lumpkin
Rhonda Maddox
Dr. Lee Shelton


Bob Bahr
Gogi Basi
Cathy Crosby
Plemon El-Amin
Audrey Galex
Charles Henn
Julie Hilboki
Ben Johnson
Charlotte and Jim Keller
Kemal Korucu
Judy Langford
Dave McGill
Marian Monahan
Valerie Morvan
Jeffrey Ott
Gillian Renault
Ravi Sarma
Brother Shankara
Parvinder Singh
Jan Swanson
Bob Thompson
Gareth Young!



Director's Circle

Director Circle Large

Director's Circle members are an exceptional group of donors committed to
supporting the Vision and Mission of Theatrical Oufit.

 Enjoy behind-the-scenes exclusive events
with the actors, director and designers

Click here for more information


Adopt A Prop

Adopt A Prop

Want a neat way to contribute to T.O.? Sponsor a prop in one of our shows. You'll be so proud when your prop takes the stage! (And we give you full permission to say, "My prop's a STAR.")