Rent Our Marquee 

Create a Memorable Event - Celebrate a Milestone


Surprise someone with your special message scrolling on the Theatrical Outfit marquee at the Balzer Theater at Herren’s

Your personalized message will rotate with other messages of the day for a 6 hour time span


Make your special occasion truly unique!


Marquee Rental - Happy Birthday, Mart Large 


Marriage Proposals

     Wedding Announcements

           Birthday Greetings

               Anniversary Greetings

                    Birth Announcements



                                            Thank You’s

                                               Welcome Guests to Atlanta


                                                          Product Launch

                                                             Corporate Events


                    Tours of the Fairlie-Poplar Historic District

Walking Tours

            Segway Tours

                               Carriage Ride Tours

                            Bicycle Tours


Or when you arrive for a show at the historic Balzer Theater at Herren’s!




$125 for a 6 hour time span.



Limit of 36 characters including spaces

48 hour notice is required for reservations

Message will scroll for 6 hours, rotating with other messages for the day

Subject to availability

Some restrictions apply

Verbiage on sign at Management's Discretion


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