Rentals & Facility

Yes, you can rent the Balzer Theater!

Our theater is frequently cited as the best venue to see live performances in Atlanta. The state of the art acoustics and comfortable stadium seating will provide a world class experience for your patrons.

The stage has an approximate 25' x 50' of performance space. The house seats 200. Please see links for more details about technical assets and guidelines.

The rehearsal hall is 32' x 25'.

Bookings are subject to availability. The Balzer Theater at Herren's is the venue of Theatrical Outfit and as such scheduling for rentals is limited.

Renters, both contracted and potential, must make appointments via e-mail for all on-site tours and on-site meetings. On-site visits shall be limited to 45 minutes or less and shall be limited to a total of four visits outside of the rental contracted dates and times. On-site visits in excess of four will be billed at the rate of $25 an hour for each BTAH staff personnel involved and with a minimum $25 charge.

For information please send an enquiry with RENTAL and the name of your COMPANY as the subject line to

Reminder: Please put RENTAL "YOUR COMPANY NAME" in the subject line of your email. This will enable your email to be processed more quickly.

All initial rental requests are processed via email. Please do not call.

For more information regarding rates and available amenities please refer to our Rental Rates One Sheet and to the below links.


Please, check rental availability before making a request.

Here is our calendar of rental availability for the stage 2012-2013 season.


Please e-mail request for rehearsal hall availability.


RentalBTAHStageWithSetView Large

C line section


Groundplan with guidelines



Circuits quarter

Sound inventory



RentalBTAHHousefromStageView Large

Seating plan



Lobby at Night Large


Box Office Large

Lobby ground plan



Memorable Rentals


In June of 2011, T.O. was Hollywood-ified for 20th Century Fox's remake of The Three Stooges. Your favorite theater seat might be on the silver screen next summer!

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