Whatever Affects One Destiny, Affects All.

An American marine in Afghanistan connects with his son across the world by crafting a handmade book. As the unfinished Book of Moxie journeys on to a chic Parisian apartment, the slums of India, and, finally, an inner-city American school, all who touch it are sparked to add their personal stories, contributing to its enchanting and mystical force. This globetrotting adventure tale acts as a reminder of the power of storytelling, the potency of words and the courage we all must summon to thrive and connect in modern times.

“Everyone has a unique life story to tell, yet Moxie makes you realize how connected our stories and lives truly are! A very poignant play that touches at your heart strings.” — Chris & David Cofrin, T.O. Subscribers


Director Elisa Carlson*
Casting Director Clifton Guterman*
Set Designer Lizz Dorsey
Costume Designer Sydney Roberts
Lighting Designer Mike Post
Sound Designer Kendall Simpson
Props Designer Maclare “MC” Park
Stage Manager Wendy Palmer*

*Member of Actors’ Equity, the Union of Professional Actors and Stage managers in the United States

January 28 – February 28, 2016

Written by
Lane Carlock and Brian Kurlander

Directed by
Elisa Carlson


Carolyn Cook*

David de Vries*

Danielle Deadwyler*

Tony Larkin

Royce Mann

Jaden Robinson

Rial Ellsworth

Bobby Labartino*

Joy Bhowmick

Chiara Bulkin

Laura Fong