Theatrical Outfit Gallery

Eleanora Fagan

Billie Holiday Needlepoint


An exhibition of needlepoint jazz portraits
by Leanna Leithauser-Lesley

January 11 – February 4

Photo of Leithauser-Lesley

Leanna Leithauser-Lesley

Fiber Artist Leanna Leithauser-Lesley is an avid needlepointer compelled by the power of jazz music, the drama of photography and the intention to raise the awareness of needlepoint to an art form.

Leithauser-Lesley is preoccupied with the idea of weaving together the quiet, methodical ways of needlepointing with the often unrestrained methods of jazz while capturing the emotion of the photograph she prefers to stitch. Rejecting the shortcuts associated with technology, she chooses to rely on her training as a visual artist to paint the canvas with yarn, using a photograph as her still life. Each piece stitched is a unique freehand homage to the musician she decides to needlepoint.

Jazz, an American art form, is the product of a cultural collaboration and a universal language of tolerance and freedom. Leithauser-Lesley’s heartfelt exhibition “Eleanora Fagan” reveals the story of lives profoundly lived and layered with experience.

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