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Elisa Carlson

ELISA CARLSON (Rebecca Heminges/Anne Hathaway Shakespeare/Dialect Coach) At Theatrical Outfit: Director of The Guys and Moxie. Acting: Shadow Language (Guthrie Theater); As You Like It (Shakespeare Theatre); Blithe Spirit (StageWest); The Grapes of Wrath, Merlin!, Marco Polo (Alliance Theatre); Ghost Writer (Theatre in the Square/Suzi Best Actress Nominee); Richard II (GA Shakespeare); Candida, Sailing to Byzantium, Life is a Dream (Actor’s Express); The Master Builder, Back to Methuselah (Theater Emory); Pretty Girls (Horizon); Campbell Scott’s film of Hamlet (Hallmark). Voice, Text & Dialect Coaching: Guthrie, Alliance, Oregon Shakespeare, The Alley, American Players Theatre, many others. Film Coaching: First Man, Baby Driver, Selma, Coat of Many Colors, Southside with You, The Good Lie, Sweet Land, Hamlet. Elisa is Professor and Resident Director at the Gainesville Theatre Alliance where she has staged and acted in some of her favorite Shakespeare comedies. Love and thanks to Tom, Clifton, Lauren and both Davids.

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