“Being an intern at Theatrical Outfit has changed my life in more ways than one. Working at T.O. has taught me to always push myself and to also work smart, not just hard. I have spent countless hours at Theatrical Outfit, and I am proud to call it my second home. This has been one of the best experiences of my life and I will be forever grateful to the staff and board members for this opportunity.”

Christina Boland
Senior, Georgia State University
Film Major, Theatre Minor


“Thank you T.O. for giving me this great opportunity to be an intern. Being an intern at Theatrical Outfit in Atlanta will be my most unforgettable summer holiday during my university life.”


Stephanie DING, YANZHI
Year 4, The Hong Kong Institute of Education
Visual Arts Education Major


“My experience at Theatrical Outfit has been nothing short of spectacular! I’ve learned more than I could have imagined. I’ve been given opportunities to expand my education and gain hands-on experience in ways that I could have never done in a classroom. Pursuing this internship is the best decision I’ve made in my college career, plus it’s really been a blast! I’ve been given opportunities such as working as part of the design team for A Wrinkle in Time, performing as an understudy in The Young Man from Atlanta, and — my personal favorite — working as the Assistant to the Director / Dramaturg on Freud’s Last Session! The internship at Theatrical Outfit and the mentorship of everyone I’ve been blessed to work with there, particularly Rochelle Barker, has given me the confidence to pursue my dreams of a career in Theatre!”

Anna Tucker
Georgia State University


“I arrived in October, and 2 weeks after my arrival, I found this internship at the Theatrical Outfit after a little bit of a struggle. I called all the theaters in Atlanta, left e-mails, voice messages and Rochelle Barker was the only one to answer. I am actually pretty glad that it was the Outfit that responded. I started attending rehearsals of The Gifts Of The Magi, meeting all those fabulous people, actors and learning, absorbing as much as I could before leaving the USA, and moving back to France at Christmas.”



Géraldine Anna Macauleyr


“It has been such a joy to work at Theatrical Outfit. The care these people have for their art and one another is truly awesome. I pray that I will have the blessing of working with such people again.”

Samuel Carr


“After graduating from Georgia State University, I was offered a summer internship with Theatrical Outfit’s first SummerStage program. Watching Mrs. Mira Hirsch put together such an amazing program was very inspiring and life changing. She diligently created such a fun and creative learning environment for not only the students but for me as well. Being able to witness the development of a program designed to enrich our youth has inspired me to redefine my role as a theater practitioner to youth and social advocate of the arts. I am beyond grateful for the opportunity to have worked with Mrs. Mira Hirsch and Theatrical Outfit.”

Cassi Maddox
Georgia State University


“Working at Theatrical Outfit has been such a great experience. I am more than happy to have worked with some amazing people and build some great connections during my time off from school. This internship has given me the knowledge and experience I need to work diligently as a professional in the theatre world. I definitely hope to work with Theatrical Outfit in the future! Big thanks to Rochelle for taking me in, Patdro for letting me shadow, and Clifton for his trust.”

Kameron Neal Kierce
Carnegie Mellon University
Theatre Major



“As an intern at the Theatrical Outfit I was placed under the mentorship of Elizabeth Rasmusson, the talented costume designer for A Little Princess. I walked with Elizabeth through the detailed process of creating costumes for this large production. She taught me how to organize designs, provided hands on textile manipulation experience, and brought me along to fittings and designer runs.  The Theatrical Outfit invests in the development of young artists by connecting them with professionals, and that invaluable opportunity has enriched my understanding of costume design, and increased my love for Atlanta theatre. The internships at TO are a wonderful way to be introduced to expectations in theatre professions, meet talented people, and watch a show come to life.”

Becca Long


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