Your stewardship supports not only the actors, designers, and directors that make our shows possible; it supports our drive to inspire compassion. Our recent seasons have been bigger and better than ever, and the next is sure to exceed expectations with your help. It is the generosity and goodwill of patrons like you that stirs our souls and keeps us telling those stories that need to be told. So thank you. Thank you for your patronage, your consideration, and your continued support of Theatrical Outfit.

Please consider making a gift to T.O. today. ANY size gift helps, whether it’s $10 to pay for lighting gel or $1,500 to become part of our Director’s Circle. Use our secure server below to donate online or call 678.528.1506 to speak to the Development Coordinator.



Your stewardship supports more than the artists and shows that animate downtown Atlanta; it propels and supports our mission of compassion.



You can also mail your donation to:

Development Office
Theatrical Outfit
PO Box 1555
Atlanta, GA 30301



Theatrical Outfit accepts your gifts of stock through our account with Morgan Stanley. To complete your stock transaction, please contact Tess Malis Kincaid, Director of Development, at 678.528.1503

A Letter from Wm. Edward Laity, Chairman of the Board of Trustees

November 5, 2018

On behalf of the Board of Directors at Theatrical Outfit, thank you for being part of our community.

For more than 150 times each year, we come together in community to engage in GREAT ART at Theatrical Outfit.  Sitting in one of those 200 seats, we each react and engage in the stories that have been so wonderfully crafted, rehearsed and delivered.  Each of us absorbs that conversation in a different manner . . . sometimes we agree and are moved  . . . and other times, the production may not resonate with our thinking, our experiences or even our culture.

But we come together in community to share in those moments that indeed “stir our souls.” At Theatrical Outfit, we believe that is what we are in business to do . . . produce world-class theatre that builds a compassionate, joyful and just community.

As we look back to last season, our Season of Character, you will be pleased to know that Theatrical Outfit garnered more Suzi Award nominations than any time in our 40 year history; gained more season subscribers and single ticket sales than ever before; finished with a balanced budget; and our friends and supporters gave more last year than in past years. Our community has shown up . . . and together, we have much to be thankful for.

Not content to “rest on our previous accomplishments, 2018-2019 also promises to be phenomenal.  The six productions in our Season of Beauty will inspire you, ask you to ponder and engage you in community dialogue just as we have done in the past . . . you can look forward to some of the best in stories, actors, sets, and direction.  The Board has adopted new strategic directions for Theatrical Outfit that suggests improvements and enhancements to what we do, where we live and how we thrive.  We also have new internal leadership that will help all of us do better in the business that makes what we do so transformational, when you meet Gretchen Butler, our new Managing Director, you’ll know what we mean.

Tom Key, our wonderful and brilliant Artistic Director frequently says . . . “all of our season subscribers at Theatrical Outfit go to Heaven.”  We hope that is true in this community.

We THANK YOU AGAIN for being part of the Theatrical Outfit community.  Your attendance, encouragement, engagement, and giving ensures the long-term stability of our community in greater Atlanta.  We look forward to seeing you at the Balzer Theater at Herren’s in the days ahead.


Wm. Edward Laity, CFRE
Chair, Board of Trustees

Theatrical Outfit

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