Script Submission

Due to our staff size and resources, Theatrical Outfit does not accept unsolicited script submissions. Trust that we are hard at work considering and supporting writers by reading numerous plays each year.

Currently, we are solidifying programming through our 2019-2020 season and are hard at work crafting a New Play Development Program to consider longer range projects.

Thank you for your interest.

Directors Contact

Tom Key – Artistic Director – E-mail »

Designers, Technicians, and Stage Managers Contact

Courtney Greever-Fries – Production Manager – E-mail »

Institutional Philosophy

At Theatrical Outfit, we believe that starting the conversations that matter – through the filter of theatre – is an inclusive effort. We are committed to employing and empowering passionate individuals from diverse backgrounds and perspectives. We are committed to enriching Atlanta by inviting Atlantans to make art with us. We are committed to impactful and productive short and long term relationships — staff, performers, artisans, patrons, our Board and volunteers. We believe that success occurs only when unique individuals come together for the greater good.

Art changes lives. We invite you to join us as an ambassador in that noble endeavor.

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