Part of MADE IN ATLANTA, The Graham Martin UNEXPECTED PLAY FESTIVAL is a series of readings of brand-new plays by Atlanta playwrights in partnership with Working Title Playwrights. It brings together the best talent in ATL to share fresh and topical stories with you. Plus, you the audience gets involved as every reading will be followed by a facilitated discussion led by Amber Bradshaw from Working Title Playwrights to give the writers immediate feedback for their next draft.

2022 Festival

The Graham Martin UNEXPECTED PLAY FESTIVAL will take place digitally across four evenings – February 20 – 23, 2022 all at 7pm. To enable access to our whole community, all four of these readings are free of charge. Tickets to these one night only events are available in advance, and booking is strongly encouraged!

A Most American Town
by Lee Osorio
February 20, 2022 at 7pm (DIGITALLY)

How much of an activist are you? After receiving this text message from his immigration attorney brother, a Writer finds himself haunted by a very persistent and troubling ghost. Before long, the Writer finds himself on a journey back to his hometown of Lumpkin, Georgia … now the home of Stewart County Immigration Detention Center. As he talks to those trapped in the prison – both literally and figuratively – the ghost makes a simple but incredibly hard request – SEE.

Developed through the Reiser Atlanta Artists Lab at the Alliance Theatre, Atlanta, GA, as well as through grants received from Idea Capital and Art on the Beltline.

The Bullet
by Keena Redding
February 21, 2022 at 7pm (DIGITALLY)

Can a friendship survive intense political disagreement? Buddhists Robin and Kristen are long-time friends. Together they navigate critical issues, including parenting, IVF, and the forever hard topic – politics. This sharp satire asks some hard questions about the most recent election cycle, and how its impact reverberates into all corners of our lives.

by Sharon Mathis
February 22, 2022 at 7pm (DIGITALLY)

How far will you go to protect something you love? In a hidden forest where extraordinary spiders are threatened by logging, a determined ecologist, and a mystical spider keeper clash over how to save them. When a young slam poet hunting for refuge shows up, each decides the newcomer is key to her own plans. This contemporary fable explores the depth of our relationship to nature and gets to the heart of what we stand to lose as we face the disruption of climate change and rampant capitalism.

A Complicated Hope
by John Mabey
February 23, 2022 at 7pm (DIGITALLY)

How do you define family? When Michael passes, his wife, Marie, and daughter, Rose Marie, are shocked when his boyfriend shows up at the funeral, asking to grieve with the family. Mirroring the erratic path of grief itself, A Complicated Hope flashes between the moments in time that changed them all as they wrestle with Michael’s legacy, and try to find their way towards healing.


Tickets to these one night only events are FREE & available in advance. Booking is strongly encouraged.

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Read a letter from Addae Moon & Amber Bradshaw. Plus meet the artists involved in creating these new works.

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A Most American Town


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